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Công ty cung cấp màng lót hồ, màng chống thấm.
Công ty Vinatana có trên 30 năm kinh nghiệm, sản xuất các loại màng nhựa LDPE/HDPE, bạt PE lót hồ tôm khổ lớn, tráng phủ chất chống lão hóa, chống tia cực tím, tăng cường độ dẻo dai, thích hợp sử dụng trong ngành : thủy sản, xây dựng, thực phẩm….
Những thuận lơi khi sử dụng bạt lót hồ nuôi tôm, nuôi trồng thuỷ sản
Công ty Vinatana chuyên sản xuất, nhập khẩu Màng HDPE lót hồ nuôi tôm, thủy sản, màng phủ LDPE HDPE, mặt trơn là những sản phẩm được ưu tiên cho các dự án đòi hỏi phải có lớp lót có độ thấm thấp, hóa chất đặc biệt và đặc tính kháng tia cực tím cao, và đòi hỏi hiệu quả cao cho nhiều ứng dụng!
Providing information for health of workers participating in running activities to prevent thinning bone.
Providing information for health of workers participating in running activities to prevent thinning bone...
Active in sport movements to welcome Staff month
Active in sport movements to welcome Staff month...
Promoting charity movement
Recently, charity activities have many new steps in terms of methods and quality....
Giving presents for mountainous children
Phát quà cho trẻ em vùng cao...
Giving gifts for poor children
To support and facilitate teachers and students to overcome difficulties, the contribution compassion and efforts to help schools...
Vina Tan A Company takes care of worker’s lives
Workers and staff are valuable and important to determine the development of the company...
Giving 50 scholarships for poor primary students
Tan A Company coordinates with Study encouragement organization to hand over scholarships for poor students in localities to help them overcome their difficulties.

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Propaganda activities for health workers participating in running against osteoporosis

Information from the Organizing Committee, said the program all contributions from the participants in the program will be moved to run the fund osteoporosis prevention Rheumatology Association Vietnam launched. Representing the organizers said, with each person attending the program, would contribute to the fund for 25,000 dong. Thus, the number of people enrolling more than 2,000 people initially will have about 50 million be transferred to the fund, contributing to the Vietnam Association of Rheumatology media promote community education about osteoporosis bone.
Many documents Recent scientific research shows that osteoporosis is a disease common in the majority of those with age, affecting one third of women and men over age 50 1/8. Osteoporosis relatively slow movements, patients often are not detected until the disease fracture complications. The impact of osteoporosis risk to human health is on par with the disease myocardial infarction and stroke. If we do not accumulate enough calcium from a young age, old age, the risk of osteoporosis will increase dramatically.
Do exercise regularly and diet full of calcium is from a young age how to prevent osteoporosis an effective way. Calcium is present mainly in the daily food such as shrimp, crabs, fish, snails ... the dark green vegetables such as soybeans, cereals ... In particular, milk and dairy products is calcium foods high calcium and easily absorbed than other food sources.

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Vina Tân Á

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Dự Án lót đáy hồ khu tái định cư Bình Khánh
Dự Án lót đáy hồ khu tái định cư Bình Khánh
Dự Án xử lý hóa chất , Nước thải công nghiệp
Dự Án xử lý hóa chất , Nước thải công nghiệp
Dự Án xử lý bãi rác Khánh Sơn
Dự Án xử lý bãi rác Khánh Sơn
HDPE membrane construction method
Extrusion welding methods This method is mainly used in the repair and welding of special details. such as corners, edges, inlet and outlet pipes connected with HDPE geomembrane ...